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Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Finish

Boy this week went by so fast and a very busy one at it too.
Mom has been getting stronger and lungs sound good. Her new medication has remove a good 10 pounds of fluid. Maybe she can now get back to doing more for longer, I mean keep her out of the hospital.

I did finish the crochet baby blanket during this last time of hospital stay.

Ran out of the white yarn so that decided how big it became.

You can not tell by the picture that it is big enough, even thou it's rectangle instead more square.

After I finished this I started another blanket but it's not a baby.

Hoping it will be big enough to put on a twin bed. I'm using again yarn I had in my stash which means I'm taking a chance that there will not be enough yarn for the size I'm trying for.

This is what I have left 

Right now it measures 40" x 69"

It's a ripple pattern all in double crochet. This one is too big to take now to Doctor visits.

I also finished quilting on my Scandinavian Christmas 

Not in time thou but it is ready for this next Christmas.

This evening I will finish sewing down the binding.

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Thursday, February 15, 2018

What's Up 2-15-18

It's been too long I feel since I shared what's up on the design wall. 
I have been taking a few pictures the past couple of weeks thinking I would have these posted before now, so here is a progression of what I've had up.

The first of the month I did put a border on the spool wall hanging but I haven't decided what to applique on the borders.

Then after organizing my cut up scraps  

You can see that the bottom shelf's that there are 4 tubs of 2 1/2" strips, I have been looking for patterns to make so I can use them up

Came across this pattern that I like

I figure the is a good 15 min pattern too. Very simple and can be stop and started easily.

Then this what my wall looked like earlier this week.

This cute bear baby quilt was this month RSC. 
Made all from scraps from the large tub.
I am going to add lollipops to the tummy to look like the Sharing Care Bear.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Two for One

 Here it the 14th, Valentine Day

and Ash Wednesday, which means it's the Lenten season

Hope you all were able to participate in one or both.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Sunflower Quilt BOM

IT'S BACK !!!!

Remember this quilt I made a while back .....
well after all this time Pam at Sager Creek Quilts is offering this Sunflower quilt again as a BOM 

Here is the information about how to sign up.

The project will include 12 months of kits for the blocks along with setting pieces and borders.   Kits will include fabrics similar to the ones used in the picture.   Kits—$ 20 per month  
Call the shop to sign up 479-524-5244

Sunflower Sampler Block of the Month

This beautiful Sunflower Sampler is back by popular demand! Designed by Marilyn and edited by Pam - This is a block of the month from 10 years ago and was lots of fun to make. It includes a variety of techniques. We will be using fabrics similar to the ones shown in the photos for the kits.

                  This project includes many different techniques in making sunflowers—traditional applique, blanket-stitch applique, old fashioned piecing, strip piecing, 3-dimensional fabric manipulation, paper-piecing, etc. This will be a “sampler” of techniques used to make the blocks.    

Any of the applique pieces that are not 3-Dimensional can be stitched with your favorite method of applique (needle turn, fusible, buttonhole, etc.) and can be either machine stitched or by hand.

 sager creek quilts

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Colorful Spools


Last night I was working on this and pretty much was finished writing and was ready to upload the pics. Went to do that and found my iPad dead, needed to be charge so here it is the next morning
seems like there is one thing or another lately.

After a few days of only able to put in just 15 mins a day, yesterday I was able to sew for over 3 hours. 

The first thing was to add a border to this months RSC.

My next plan is to practice machine quilting. I think this could be a great way to get 15 minutes in.

Have here shown 19 diamonds completed but there are a few missing. I have started adding the background hexagons

So I needed to cut out some more  2" squares to prep some hexies for the Mosaic Diamonds. 

Then I was going to start on something new but just wasn't in the mood to search down fabric. So decided to work on finishing something I started. 

Picked the box that had the RSC blocks from 2015, picked the spools blocks.

This is what I had already made but after I decided on which layout ...... I wanted like this

Love this layout by Eydta Sitar and I too will do some applique on the border.
Realized that I needed to make another spool

So far this what I have up on the wall.

Have some time this morning to get a little sewing in than I'm off to my parents, mom came home Monday and still recovering from pneumonia, then master gardening class this evening. 

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Just Another Day

It's been a long week, been everyday except yesterday spending the day at the hospital visiting mom.
It takes up a good portion of the day but I have been able to get a little each day working on scraps and yesterday I was home so I was able to finally finish cleaning up this mess. 

It took a while but this is how wonderful my room looks now.

Have now all the UFOs up on the shelf instead of in the ironing shelf.

Put in the shoe box size containers scrap bits, triangles, HST and some 1 1/2 strips. 

Then in this shelf I have all the cut squares and strips.

I know that I have some sizes that most don't save but they do come in handy when wanting make HST.

I have been wanting to get this task done for a year now and it feel good to finally have it done.

Now it's time to get busy using them up seeing how I have tubs of scraps I need to press and cut.

Was able to do a little sewing after all this was done,
Finish the baby Blue RSC

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Whats Up 1-16-18

I meant to get this written last night but we were watching the last two episodes of Longmire on Netflix. This has been such a great show I hate to see it end and it had my full attention.

I did get my 15 mins in but it was all on getting the cut scraps organized.

It looks like a tornado hit.

I had started before this saving the cut pieces in plastic bags marked so I knew which size it was.  These were all stored in one of those plastic erect drawer units. 

I do not want those in the sewing room now.

Going to use the storage unit / ironing station.

So far I have 3 different sizes that will fit in the unit and not sure until it finished what it end up looking like. I would like to think it will be perfect but I know better. Imagine that it will need a little fine tuning as I start using it.  For the past year all of this has been out in the garage not being used.

Was hoping to get it all done yesterday but unfortunately my Mom was admitted into the hospital because she now has pneumonia. 
I'll be driving Dad to go see her until she is home so it will take another day to get this done.

Will take along some handwork.

Did not post my weekly stats for stash, 15 mins and time sewing


15 Minutes Challenge

Spent 6 out of 7 days

Hours sewing this week

5 hours and 55 mins.

Stash Usage Report  

Stash used;  1 yd.
         Stash added:   7 yd.    
Total:  + 6 yd.     

I ended up purchasing more background fabric for the Diamond Mosaic along with just a couple yards of 1/2 yard pieces, why, I just could stop with the background fabric....

Always thought I would do this but never had
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