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Sunday, May 20, 2018

It's been a long week, so glad all went well.
I was in Tulsa Tuesday thru Friday with Mom and surgery and recovering is all going well.
Being gone to Doctors and Hospital I took handwork with me.

Was able to get some of the Hexes for Winterse Hejxes Mystery

 Working on weeks 6 - 10 now


Along with some embroidery works.

 I had started this quilt Winter Wonderland at least 5 years ago with this being the largest section to stitch. I think I have 4 other sections completed.

These were easy projects to carry with me and do.

And any sewing done at home was on Scrappy Nine Patch

It has taken over my room

Mainly the table area of the quilting machine.

I am making good progress

The bag on the left was 3/4 filled with a section for the nine patch and now I have only a small amount witch I put into a smaller bag.

Unfortunately I did not have enough of the cream color fabric, so before I can start assembling the top I had to order some more. Should be here this week.

Last night I finished appliqueing on a Warm Heart block, 

now all that's needed is 7 red berries. 

This morning for some unknown reason I had the impulse to check my basket with the piecework projects I have started.

Started opening up the project bags and put them up on the wall just to a good look and take a picture for reminders.

I had worked on this for a while until my hand started acting up and then this and all the others I had put on the back burner and forgot about

What's left on this are the green leafs.

This  is my attempt at reverse appliqueing. A friend of mine who has been gone for close to 10 years now gave all us in a group this pattern.

I would like to make this the center of a medallion style quilt

Then there is this beauty, started 2010

Pattern was in a Quiltmania #76. I have all the appliqueing done and have been doing embroidery work 

After opening the bag I notice that the floss was not in the bag so I went looking for it. After a couple hours of looking I still couldn't locate the box with all my embroidery stuff.
Has to be buried in the garage somewhere and I'll keep looking.

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Monday, May 14, 2018

What's Up 5-14-18

I have two projects up on the wall

Been working on the scrappy nine patch and mystery Winterse Hejxes.

I've picked out the next fabric for group of hexagons but haven't prepared them yet. Figure I would take them with me tomorrow.
Mom has an appt.

I had last week finished the binding on this quilt.

Pretty windy today, the quilt just didn't want to stay up.

Did my best at trying.

such a beautiful butterfly.

I think its a Black Swallowtail.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

I hope all the Mothers out there had a good day
My day was, very relaxing.
Stayed home and spent a few hours in the sewing room.

Decided yesterday what pattern I wanted to do for this month RSC, color is pink so went and found some.

 I wanted something easy but baby appropriate.

Always like the Gingham patterns I've seen out there.
Simply enough, just 5" squares

 Put them up on the wall to get the pattern straight and in just little over an hour I'm done with the top.

 Love it.

Some of today was finishing adding the hexes to the Winterse Hejxes mystery.

 Now I need to figure out the next colors to use.

Yesterday I did get a little more done on with nine patches.

Started making all of these, need 30 blocks

Hard to believe that there are 81 -1" squares in this block

Just plugging along

Do hope you had a good day.

till later

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Chain Piecing

Today I was in a brainless mode.
Just didn't want to do anything today that meant I have to think or figure out.

It didn't matter what, example is for gardening it was just some weeding, don't have to think. I just went through the motion and daydreamed.

So I worked on the leader and ender project.

I had started this over a year ago, I had seen a picture on Pintrest and look furiously for the pattern, I wanted to make it.
The only pattern per say was for a small block

Similar to what I've done here

Needed Update:
Roxanne left a comment saying she had found the pattern, located at Temecula Quilt Company  This is a link to theirs.

I wish I had found it before I started, would helped.
I must of seen another or didn't quite remember it right.
because my version is slightly different.

I tried to find it again to give a link but just now couldn't locate it. I usually pin the info on my quilt board but I didn't 
I think it was a pillow pattern I saw.
but the picture I saw was a quilt the first time.
Anyway on to brainless sewing.

I chain piece around a hundred nine patches

I had up to today these completed 

Once I was done doing brainless sewing it was on to mindless pressing.
Did I tell you about my cordless iron I purchase last year. I love it.
Its made by Panasonic 

Whats next is to do the trimming

The squares in up being 1"

Okay this is too much thinking...........

Image result for brain hurting cartoon

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Having Fun

I am having too much fun playing in dirt.
I was thinking yesterday while planting and weeding that it has been since 2011 since I have stayed home the entire month of May.
The Grandsons were born in 2012 on the 17th so I had been there in Clalifornia every year for the first 4 years for their birthdays.
Last year and this year I'll miss, last year I was in Houston Tx, M.D. Anderson and this year Mom is having surgery.
Because of that I home and really taking advantage of this.
My yard and gardens have taken a lot of neglect and are in need of a lot of care.

Was able to get a few of the tomatoes potted up and cleaning up the front flower bed. 

Nothing much to look at now, have Purple Cone flowers and 
4 o'clocks in that bed.

Looky ...... blossoms 
on the tomatoes and Paw Paw tree

Enough of gardening for the monent

Look how far I made it yesterday morning on the border

poor picture but made it halfway on one side (long side) while watching the morning news.

This should move quickly, today I have to do other tasks because I need to take my parents to the hospital so my mom can have a stress test., make sure shes up to surgery.

Also finished the Kith ans Kin top

Made all from scraps and stash..... LOVE THAT
Just wish you could see a dent in my stash.

Need to get ready to go,
till later

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

It's a Go

I believe I have an answer to how to go about getting the look I want on the border to the Rocky Road.

Remember I asked about what you all thought about color and thickness of thread, and from your answers I went with the white pearl cotton.

Loved the look but it was just to hard on my wrist, but wanted to have that look without the pain.

So I tried using the quilting thread doubled, it was a piece a cake to stitch but thought it was not quite heavy enough.

Then I had an idea about trying sulky 12 wt thread. I use this thread for embroidery work

It's thicker than quilting thread but not as thick as pearl cotton.
Threaded through my quilting needles....great
decided I would also double it,
it worked.

Can you tell which stitches are which?

Most is pearl cotton but there is the quilting thread and sulky.

Hope this is self explainable.

Where the light blue are pearl cotton...the look I like

Between the yellow lines is the quilting thread...not thick enough

And between the pink is the sulky thread....very close to the look of the pearl cotton...

Now can you see the difference.

Can quilt with the Sulky and no pain..... Yippee

So it's a go!!!!!!

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Loving this weather

I wish the weather would stay like this all year long, I don't believe I would get bored at all.
Yesterday I did take the pictures of my handy work outside. What I had potted up. 
Last Friday while helping with Master Gardener's I was at a event for Arbor Day that the Cherokee Nation had put on and some of the booths were giving out native trees. So I picked out ones we do not have here on our place.

Picked out some Shortleaf Pines and Chinkapin Oaks, they are the ones in the coffee containers, needed some larger than the other pots that the pines are in. I'll plant them in the fall.

Also plan on redoing some of the beds around the house, they have become over come with weeds and another type of weed that I can not pull or dig out so I'm going to have to resort to spraying. Either my herbicide is old or they are just a tough plant to kill. I do see some yellowing but I'll spray again. In one spot along the side of the house I'm going to put the large tubs there, with tomatoes and also a bale or 2 of straw, which I'll plant cucumbers

They are ready to be planted

That meant I needed to dig up what I wanted to keep, which wasn't much.

Had some mini Iris's

And a Rhubarb plant, use to have two but the spot is not ideal for them. Really having a hard time making it where they were, lost one. So I'm in search of a better spot but for now it's a five gallon bucket.

My Clematis is gorgeous this year

Just covered in these large violet blooms.

Best  year yet, just wish they would stay all summer.

Today I took the worm bin out of the garage and cleaned out a couple of the trays.

Hadn't done this since last year and there was two trays to remove the worm compost.

Do need to crush up the egg shells finer.

Looks good doesn't it, I plan to use it in the pots for the tomatoes.

I did pot up some succulents. I couple weeks ago while at Costco came across this dip and tray set and my daughter suggested that I should get it to plant succulents in, so I did.

It looks really nice on the dining room table.

I have done a little more crocheting and finished the second blanket

Now there 2 twin sized blankets

I can say it did use up all the balls I had in the tub.

This tub was full when I first started these two.
Feels good to have an empty tub.

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